Welcome to LAURA GALLI SAFE SPINE, in Santiago de Compostela, where you can be informed about all our services. Come to a Safe Spine Teaching. Enjoy a Safe Pilates Teaching experience and extends the life of your spine. Get ready for an intense work that will substantially change your quality of life.More
LAURA GALLI SAFE SPINE offers classes private, semi-private, and group lessons of Pilates mat and Pilates Springboard. In a unique facility which offers a specialized system, leveling all of our group classes from Pilates to ensure safety and efficiency in their movement and exercise techniques.More
Work a Protocol “safe Spine” safe column, through mechanisms such as emotional intelligence, Neuropsychology, as used in medicine, athletics, and marketing, coaching among others. We focus on the pain and solve those problems that relate to the column, standing among others and through it will make to improve the technique of Pilates. Book an appointment to get your level in class and enjoy Pilates now.More
Pics of our facilities in Santiago de Compostela and photos of our students in our grades.More


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