This type of damage can produce discomfort and injury, and for this reason, it is important that we take all measures at our disposal to minimize its possible negative effects.

Besides overtraining, muscle imbalances are another common cause of this discomfort and injury, and Pilates can help correct them.

These imbalances can cause discomfort and injuries on knees, hips and lower back that can be corrected through Pilates exercises.

Unlike merely stretch the muscles where they appear the annoyances,
Pilates can be a more effective and fun tool.

The Pilates method works in a different way muscles, since it does along its entire length.

In this way, is affecting and promotes the action of different muscle fibres, which reduces the tendency to certain parts of the muscle begin to shorten and become more voluminous.

It is worth highlighting that the shortened muscles are much less efficient than the longer, stronger and slow fatigue.

In a repetitive activity like running, improve the efficiency of muscle will have very positive results, including better performance, a reduction of the pain and trauma of effort; and better recovery from excess training.