The lumbar spine receives continuous impacts, which although small come to cause damage to the vertebral body and intervertebral fibrous ring, which can be a problem in long distance runners.

Therefore, runners must work especially the deep muscles of the abdominal area and other muscles of the core.

A core of strong and stable support to the corridor a:

  • Run more efficiently on climbs, with a stabilized and strong musculature. In downhill, with a sciatic region stronger and more balanced
  • Suffer less strain on the neck, head and shoulders
  • Increase oxygenation and resistance, with a diaphragm which manages to expand fully
  • Focus on the movement proper have a greater awareness
  • Reduce body fatigue
  • Improves the muscles of the back of a uniform and efficient manner
  • Increases the general flexibility, strength and balance
  • In addition to being a system of physical conditioning, Pilates method affects the body and mind, helping you to understand your body, listen to it and handle it in a better way

If you’ve never tried Pilates, we recommend that you give it a chance and try it; probably be surprised.


This article has been prepared with the kind collaboration of Belsen Mata; founder and owner of Absolute Pilates Center; instructor certified endorsed by the INA level 1 2; Member of the Latin American Society of Pilates. Web site: