Safe Spine Teaching

We do not reverse the natural curves of the spine.

We teach protocols to promote your strength and muscle balance, through the protocols that are required in each case.

You’ll work with great intensity through the execution of simple exercises that will make you focus on the most important thing your.

The quality of the work in group classes depends entirely on the quality of physical preparation and the projection that the same members of the group have

The format and the programming of these classes are the key to the success of the group.

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What makes us different?

We believe that the integrated movement ability is the road to whole body health and fitness. We believe that every customer is our first priority. If you want a sport-oriented training, get rid of the pain, rejuvenate your body after having a baby, or simply see and feel better, our mission is to provide both the place and the skills to achieve their goals.


Download the Laura Galli Safe Spine Pilates fact sheet (3,3MB PDF)

Safe Spine Pilates Floor Work

You will learn:

  • Security in your movements
  • Know your limits and weak zones

You will work closely with basic exercises.

Safe Spine Equipment Classes

You’ll take a work of greater intensity through the use of the resistance of the springs, in a shorter period of time.

  • Cadillac
  • Ped or Pull


Private and group sessions. We have 7 units in both categories.

Solving problems

The classes are not for everyone so if you have injuries, deconditioned, non-compliant, defiant or any other challenge, private sessions are more indicated. Once fixed the problems to solve, you can join a class group if you wish, but you will do with safety, awareness and responsibility in the execution of your exercises.

They are not equal to private sessions that you can choose in the majority of the studios, they are sessions to solve problems, which requires a high value in the education of the instructor and high commitment in the work by the customer.

Alignment protocols

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Learn how to organize your body to achieve the best performance in daily life as in your profession, sport, etc.

Let you teach something that will last you a lifetime.