TRX functional training

It is a training system whose exercises are performed in suspension taking advantage of the weight of the body, developed by Navy Seal, U.S. Army and its tactical group. Improves strength, balance among others.


They promote circulation and reduce muscle tension, they also allow us to increase the important flexibility when it comes to avoiding injuries.

Ejemplos de Estiramientos

Conscious experiences

We participate “Senda Das Estrelas” in its project “Experiencia Consciente Na Senda das Estrelas”. We make outings where we perform activities related to personal development, Pilates, conscious walks, meditation among others. Complementing the outings with healthy food in environments of calm and serenity.


The circuit is a training that consists of a group of activities that allude to a percentage of stations selected and positioned around a facility that are visited in rapid sequence. Each of the stations is usually made up of one or groups of people. The range of exercises in the stations includes resistance equipment (elastic bands, hoops), as well as spaces assigned for exercises such as push-ups, squats, abdominals, among others. Each person must complete the activity in that station before proceeding to the next, in a period of 20 to 30 seconds, will pass through the stations once or twice, as required or until a certain time has been completed.